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The Maggies: About iSUBSCRiBE



At iSUBSCRiBE we have the lucky job of providing our customers with the UK's largest range of magazine and newspaper subscriptions online. We've been doing so for over 5 years, and are continuing to introduce new titles to cater to all kinds of readers.

With over 1,350 titles to choose from, we are the most comprehensive online magazine subscription shop in the UK today.

iSUBSCRiBE is an Associate Member of the Periodical Publishers Association (PPA).


PPA is one of the UK's largest and most effective trade associations, and is one of the leading magazine trade bodies worldwide. Their job is to promote the interests of the UK magazine and business media industry in every way possible. PPA is at the heart of a network of national and international alliances across the creative industries, and is part of the European and Worldwide magazine organisations.

PPA has a strong interest in training and development, and accredits twelve university courses in the UK.



Rays of Sunshine grants the wishes of children in the UK aged 3 to 18 who are living with serious or life-threatening illnesses. They work hard to make dreams come true for these children and their families, who often may not be able to enjoy a normal family life due to illness, treatment and hospitalization. The charity grants a wish a day, anything from meeting their favourite celebrity to swimming with dolphins in Florida. Rays of Sunshine is a fantastic cause to support – help put a smile on the faces of countless deserving children today by supporting The Maggies.

"Rays of Sunshine Children's Charity is once again delighted to be involved with The Maggies. We look forward to building on last year's success and making The Maggies even bigger and better. The project is a great idea. Not only does it raise awareness of the magazine industry and the amazingly striking covers that exist, but it also makes people aware of our cause.

We hope that everyone gets behind The Maggies and lends it their full support. Every penny raised will go towards helping us turn the wishes of many more seriously ill children into happy memories."

About iSUBSCRiBE cover voting closes June 20 2010
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